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Company Profile

Mission Statement

INTERSTATE MINING & DEVELOPMENT (SL) LIMITED is a valuable minerals, exploration and development company with significant interests in the sovereign Nation of Sierra Leone.

We have committed our operations and strategies in line with the ten principals of the UN Global Compact (UNGC) which encourage businesses to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies, and to report on their implementation. The ten principals cover Human Rights, Labor Standards, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

IMD employs and provides a substantial number of jobs for local tribesmen in surrounding Chiefdom villages.

The successful operations of the mines by IMD will permit IMD to also expand operations to fully develop all lands currently, and in the future, under license awarded to IMD by the Sovereign Nation of Sierra Leone.


Dr. Hany Malek, CEO
16 Wilberforce Street, 2nd Floor
Freetown, Sierra Leone
T: (818) 926-5011
C: (232) 783-8711
F: (818) 609-8218

Our History

The exploration of the IMD property in the terms of test pit excavating and sampling at the three sites previously described herein, have all indicated a valid mining potential for the IMD property and mining concessions.

For many years the local natives of the Kono District have manually mined along the rivers and streams in the area. The natives dig pits using picks and shovels. All the gold recovered is accomplished by hand panning.

1967- Mr. F.E. Thrasher mapped the geology, geochemistry and mineral resources of the Gori Hills in eastern Sierra Leone. Many other small companies also carried out exploration work in the shist belts in the 1970’s.

2003- The SLDC (African Minerals Mining Company) carried out a regional exploration project in the northeast, east and south of Sierra Leone by use of an aerial electromagnetic sensor. The survey supported the presence of artisanal workings for gold and diamonds in these areas as well as indications of Columbite, Tantalite, Ilmenite and Zircon.
Potential is also known for the existence of valuable clastic minerals from the shist zone. Evaluations and assays of the black sands pointed to a high content of rare earth materials.

IMD has been doing business in Sierra Leone since June 2009 and has developed an excellent infrastructure of key contacts within the government to help support and guide IMD.

2010- In October 2010 the principals of IMD accompanied by Mr. Verne Hogg, registered Geologist, Arenito Minerals and Chemicals Corporation, Mr. Sam Cooper, Placer Mining specialist, DS&J Mining Consultants LLC, and Mr. Jason Lee, Assistant Director of Mining, McCoy Gold Mines LLC, arrived at the school house at Giehun. There were no roads to the areas to be targeted for exploration and testing. Local tribesmen were hired to assist with carrying the tools and equipment once the target sites had been determined. With the assistance of local miners and with the assistance of Mr. Sahr Momeh Kenegbeh, Mining District Supervisor and Ranger, significant finds of gold, silver and other precious minerals were discovered, measured and tested.

2013- IMD continues to expand its operations within the Kono region of Sierra Leone and add to its portfolio of productive mines. For more information on our developments please see the IMD Portfolio section.

IMD offices have been expanded within the city of Freetown and currently occupy over 7,000 sq. meters of space that includes living facilities,  equipment storage and repair facilities.